Quality management

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SGI has always sought to listen carefully to its customers and provide customized and quality service. This is part of a cutting-edge technological context through which we ensure a continuing progress.

Continuity means to honor our policy and carry on listening to our customers and their expectations to meet their needs as specified in the definition of the implementation of a quality management system.

Progress means making sustained efforts to identify innovations, learn from mistakes, rectify and improve production processes, measure the effects, such as required by quality assurance.

As a result, our customer/supplier relationships lie within a context of partnership, where exchanges involve both material and intangible values​​. The company keeps up at its process of continuous improvement according to ISO 9001.

All our staff undertake, in accordance with these requirements to continue the rationale of our company: to develop with our clients innovative and integrated engineering solutions based on our diversified experiences.

Our quality approach is not a statement of intent but a practical commitment recognized in our day to day action. We ensure that our approach is constantly perceptible by all.

Our main indicator of success is the loyalty of our customers.