Public Construction of the subdivision "Im Brill"

Cessange - Luxembourg


City of Luxembourg


Nine works of art - preliminary design - Detailed design - File Submission - Evaluation of tenders - Study Implementation - Control and supervision of work - geotechnical


The project of the new subdivision "Im Brill" to Cessange requires the construction of a bridge crossing the floodplain of the creek "cessing Bach."

The project includes:

  • The construction of the abutments and two piers founded on piles of 90cm in diameter and anchored in the bedrock at 10 m depth.
  • Construction of three-span composite deck with a range of 58 m (18 m - 22 m - 18 m). The metal framework consists of four main beams (HEM700) braced only support. The slab of reinforced concrete compression has an average thickness of 30cm.
  •  The superstructure deck has two sidewalks, two bike lanes and two lanes to a width of 11.50 m.
  •  The railing consists of architectural steel stud electro powder and stainless steel panels.