New Storage sidings and Maintenance centre of CFL

Luxembourg - Luxembourg




Ballini Pitt & Partners Architectes SC


Functional Design - Structures and buildings - Heating and ventilation - Electrical installations - Sanitary - Tools - Special equipment (Hall cleaning, storage and refueling diesel and sand, ...) - Landscaping


The mission to provide the engineer for the supervision, control and management of civil works for the entire CRM website. The new website of the Centre for Storing and Maintenance (CRM) consists of the hall cleaning, repair center quick and external beams. These elements are connected by underground galleries techniques that supply energy and fluid different sites. These galleries are also passages of all railway signaling cables the site. The site is connected to district heating and the average voltage.

  • Hall cleaning
    This building is for the complete cleaning of trains. It has a length of 220 m and has three electrified tracks. Facilities include, among other things an automated car wash for trains of 220 m. The train enters the tunnel washer and fully automated system makes washing outside the train without any human involvement. This installation is completed by two-way internal cleaning of trains and a pit of scrub. Upstairs is the control station for trains and changing rooms for staff.
  • Rapid Repair Center
    The Repair Center is quick to perform quick repair. The three tracks of this workshop are equipped with overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 3.2 to nacelles and side access to trains.
  • Clusters of storage and routine maintenance
    The bundles consist of several kilometers in steel structure platforms. These beams are used firstly to train storage and partly in the service of maintenance.