Bridge on Nyabarongo river on road Gitanama – Kibuye

Gitanama – Kibuye - Rwanda


Ministère des Travaux Publics


Preliminary design of the variant and the road work - Geotechnical Study - Study topographical - Detailed design of the variant and the road work - Comparison of variants: mixed structure - precast concrete structure - Studies of execution mixed variant of the book - Work planning - Monitoring and control of work performance


Studies of an alternative route in the valley of the Nyabarongo, including a work of art:

  • Length of variation: 2.5 km,
  • Public Construction: steel-concrete composite structure,
  • Total length of the book: 118 meters with three spans of 40, 45 and 33 meters
  • Width of the book: 8.5 meters (2 + 2 treads sidewalks)
  • Height of the book: 17 meters.