Conference Centre at Kirchberg – 1st extension

Luxembourg/Kirchberg - Luxembourg


Administration of Public Buildings


A.M. Atelier d'Architecture Schemel & Wirtz et Jourdan & Müller Pas


Mission complete de structure


The extension and modernization of the Kirchberg Conference Center consists of the renovation of the tower and adding a new extension intergrating of meeting rooms and a large conference room.

The structural work of the extension is made ​​of reinforced concrete roof while the lobby is, because of its size, a structural steel truss reaching a height of over 2 meters.

The facade of the lobby is a large glass area with an average height of 12 meters and a length of approximately 300 meters.

The floor of the ceremonial hall consists of steel beams with a span of 24 meters. To avoid discomfort due to vibration under the load of pedestrian traffic, the beams are fitted with dampers.

The facade of the Tower of 22 levels, built in 1964 is replaced by a double-layer facade.

The opening of hoppers in large slabs on the ground and first floor resulted in a tripling of the free length of the existing columns. To compensate the loads of buckling, the columns were reinforced by a metal shackles.

During the renovation, an analysis of the existing concrete structure showed a significant carbonation of the concrete which required treatment with a total area of 25,000 m² of reinforced concrete.

This project is a joint venture between SGI Ingenierie S.A. Luxembourg and INCA.