Galilée building in joint development zone of Andromède

Blagnac (31) - France




Studio Bellecour


Studies of execution


The building is distinguished by a veil twisted between two buildings. The veil is twisted between Building B and C, a total length of 50.70 m. It has a thickness of 0.55 m, with a parapet device 0.15 m high and 0.20 m wide. It starts vertically, flush to a wall through the building B. He then has a height of 12.10 m. It gradually spin to finish building C on the horizontal, with a width of 12.10 m. Its angle of inclination does not change regularly and the height / width ratio decreases to 8.48 m to re-grow on its second part. The veil twisted, reinforced concrete is prestressed.

In Building B, the veil is embedded on the bottom and stuck with a pin transversely at the top.

In Building C, the veil is based on building walls through six bearings: five multidirectional and one pot bearings for longitudinal movement only.