4 locks on the Rhône

Chautagne et Belley (73 et 01) - France


Léon Grosse (for Compagnie Nationale du Rhône CNR)


Studies of performance - Calculation - formwork and reinforcement plans


The construction of four locks Recreational facilities of Belley and Chautagne part of the re airworthiness of Upper Rhône.

The locks upstream and downstream of each of the two sites will be useful for dimensions:

  • Length: 40 m
  • Width: 5.25 m
  • Draft: 3 m
  • Height of fall:
    - Belley: 10 m upstream and downstream 8.20 m
    - Chautagne: 10 m upstream and downstream, 7.30

The lower lock Chautagne crossing consists of a sheet pile enclosure. The structure of the head is made ​​of reinforced concrete and the interior of the enclosure to serve as a sheet pile formwork outside. To lock the curtain enclosure is used as a definitive lock wall.

For the other three locks, the design is classic with a U-lock and a power supply / drain by thieves served by aqueducts inserted at the base of the side walls. The head receives the upstream cofferdam upstream, the upstream gate, the supply well, supply valves and cofferdam. Head down the door receives downstream and beam protection, drain valves and cofferdam. It is also supporting a crossing.