Treatment plant wastewater Woods Bay

Genève - Switzerland


Services Industriels de Genève


Data Collection - Design Criteria - preliminary design - detailed design - Tender Dossier - Working drawings - Construction supervision - Commissioning


The project involves the construction of a new WWTP capacity Equivalent 130,000 inhabitants in 2020 taking into account the extension of the city of Geneva and the connection of border towns in France.

All constructions (buildings and pools), located on a former landfill, was founded in depth using piles.

The tightness of the book is provided by the concrete one that incorporates sealing strips each time concreting.

One of the major constraints was the respect for the environment: For the station located on the banks of the Rhone, the study took into account the environmental aspect at both the insertion site in terms of water discharge treated in the Rhone (outfall depth in the middle of the river to promote dilution or multiple discharges on the bank).
• Capacity: 33,000 m3 / d - 130,000 pe
Maximum throughput capacity: 0.9 m3 / s,
overflows: 3 m3 / s.

Rejection Rhône:
Conduct By-pass, DN1400: L = 185m,
Conduct of rejection, DN1800: L = 75m,
Outlet in the Rhone, DN1800: L = 135m.

• Foundations: 634 piles,
Biological Basins: 60 * 75 m (27,000 m3),
Final sedimentation: 60 * 60 m (21,600 m3),
• Height of the basins: 6m.

Farm buildings: 37 x 13.2 x 13.5 m,
Pumping Station: 13 x 8 x 6 m,
Building of dehydration: 18 x 9 x 19 m,
Central Court dimensions 37 x 29 x 4.40 m.