Jeddah Fountain – Jeddah

Djeddah - Saudi Arabia


Municipalité de Djeddah


Preliminary design and detailed design - Project management - Supervision of works


The new water jet 240 feet high, the world's largest, was installed in the Bay of Jeddah, replacing the old fountain of 140 m.

The realization of this fountain, a flow of 1250 l/s, was entirely designed and built by SGI Ingénierie S.A. The nozzle has been the subject of special tests for a large jet under all wind conditions.

The fountain is illuminated at night by a set of lights of different colors, microprocessor controlled.

Excluding the hydraulic aspect, implementation has required the immersion of the waterproof concrete box containing the electromechanical installations, designed to dock and then towed by a barge of 13,000 tons.


  • Height of the jet: 240 m
  • Flow of the jet: 1,250 l / s
  • Pressure at nozzle: 3.5 MPa
  • Number of pumps: 3 (1 in reserve)
  • Power absorbed by each pump: 3,150 kilowatts
  • The buildings of the pumping station and electrical substation are submerged