Rehabilitation of Faidherbe bridge

Saint Louis - Senegal


Agence Autonome des Travaux Routiers (AATR)


Rehabilitation by identical reconstruction of the bridge metal


The Faidherbe Bridge, the only point of communication between the City of St. Louis and the rest of Senegal, is a steel structure erected in 1897. With a total length of 511 m, it has seven arches and a swing span. It is listed by UNESCO as World Heritage of Humanity.

His rehabilitation has involved both the submerged part of the superstructure steel piles. Carry out the constraint of this bridge identical to the existing, the major constraint was the requirement to replace every cell in a maximum of 24 hours - maximum duration of traffic interruption. The rehabilitation of a battery is a total of 1 to 2.5 months. Given the difficulties of trimmings, 48 hours of lost time traffic were allowed to swing span.