Rail line Schuman – Josaphat

Bruxelles - Belgium


Service Public Fédéral Mobilité et Transports - Direction Infrastructure de Transports


Stability study: pre-project studies - Studies Project - Tender Dossier - Control and assistance in the conduct of work


Schuman-Josaphat rail link - Lot 1: Archimedes-Jamblinne de Meux.

The realization of the Schuman-Josaphat tunnel is an essential ingredient in the development of the suburban train (RER) in Brussels. The tunnel will connect the line 161 of Ottignies Brussels Schuman and the station at the existing tunnel line 26 Hal-Vilvoorde near Meiser. It connects directly to Brussels is the most important railway lines in the country and provide a new route to the airport.

This work of art from 1250 m long tunnel will be built under the Cortenbergh tunnel then move under Place Jamblinne de Meux and Avenue Plasky.

The completion of the tunnel is combined with the renovation and extension of the Brussels-Schuman station. The commissioning of the RER is scheduled for 2014.

Standing structures of the Cortenbergh tunnel to develop the rail tunnel under the road tunnel, without having to demolish it and then rebuild it. In order to minimize the disadvantages of building the tunnel under the Place de Meux and Jamblinne Avenue Plasky, it will be entirely dug underground tunnel. This technique avoids the trenches soft surface, minimizes pollution and reduces the risk of compaction.

In association with the consulting firm Bagon, the group via the SGI office Abcis-Van Wetter is in charge of education, monitoring and assistance in the conduct of work of the first section between the station Schuman and Place Jamblinne de Meux .