Antwerpen - Belgium




Poponcini & Lootens / M.&J-M. Jaspers-J.Eyers&Partners


• Full mission stability studies
Site supervision


The Artesis Hogeschool includes a total of 8.600 students and 1.500 staff members and is part of Associate & Universiteit Antwerpen Hogescholen.

The new campus located on a plot of 11.200 m², has a surface of 23.240 and can accommodate 3.500 students from different programs bachelor. The new buildings will be built around a central courtyard converted into green space with a trapezoidal main building (8 levels), which opens to the Noorderplaats, a square building on the Ellermanstraat (4 levels), a long building (1 level) the Noorderlaan, audiences that open onto the central courtyard and a ramp on the Ellermanstraat accessing underground parking for vehicles and bicycles. In total, the project includes an area in the basement of 13.050m² on 2 levels.

The project includes, among other

  • 9 amphitheater hosting from 70 to 250 people
  • 49 classrooms for 12 to 70 people
  • 12 computer rooms
  • 57 classrooms equipped
  • 900 library
  • cafeteria seats 920