Track doubling of line Pétange to Luxembourg – PK 0.700 and PK 18.650

Pétange/Luxembourg - Luxembourg




Rail infrastructure - Detailed design - Studies of performance - Construction Management - Control and supervision of works


The project includes the following work:

1. Last two lanes, replacement and retrofitting of Structures:

  • Construction of a second deck on underpasses in 1410 Pk, Pk 1820 and Pk 16556
  • Extension of Bridges and Rivers 1630 Pk to Pk 11,379
  • New underpass set up by Autoripage ® in 2468 Pk, Pk 11 480, Pk 13,015, 17,021 Pk, Pk 18,030
  • Replacement of three existing structures (an underpass, an Upper Deck and Bridge River) with a new underpass set up by Autoripage ® in 8639 Pk
  • New overpass beams type Preflex to Pk and Pk 10,632 12,100
  • New underpass type bowstring to Pk 16,106
  • 8 new pedestrian underpass in which 6 stops

2. Construction of new passenger platforms, ramps and installation of stations Bascharage, Schouweiler, Dippach and Leudelange

3. Construction of new parking areas for ecological stations Bascharage, Schouweiler, Dippach and Leudelange

4. Studies of traffic (train stations, PN removal, ...)

5. Earthwork and embankments on the 18 km line

6. Soil reinforcement by stone columns

7. Renewal and expansion of the rail platform

8. Hydrologic and hydraulic studies, construction and renewal of the sewerage system, installation and sinking of aqueducts, carrying out drainage ditches and masks

9. Realization of retaining walls

10. Construction of foundations for equipment SNCFL (catenary, brackets, lights, telephone, ...)

11. Installation of new concrete sleepers, rail tracks and equipment on all the 18 km line

12. Realization of noise barriers

13. Locksmith work and installation of elevators in stations

14. Work of clearing, planting, technical and biological measures and countervailing measures

15. Remediation of contaminated sites