The SGI Consulting Group is an independent player with a mission to develop with its customers innovative and integrated engineering solutions based on its diversified experiences.

A company with a history

In 1898, under the surname of the Société Franco-suisse pour l'industrie électrique, the first projects were completed.

In 1948 the name was changed to Société générale pour l'Industrie and finally in 1993, the full name was dropped in favor of the abbreviation with a common denominator of all activities of Engineering: SGI Ingénierie SA

Over the years the company has grown and developed with great success in Switzerland and abroad. In 1966, SGI Ingénierie SA Luxembourg was set up. To manage all the group's companies, SGI Consulting SA was on track in 1996. In France, in 1999, SECTRA joined the group (now SGI Ingénierie SAS); in 2001 the design office ETRE and in 2009 the merger with Belgian offices Abcis-Van Wetter took place. Recently, the consultancy CETEC SAS joined the group's French office.

The first documented project dates back to 1899: Gravaison's setting up at St Georges de Commiers (F).

In August 1901, construction of the Monteynard's dam (F)