Environmental, Water, Energy

Environmental, Water, Energy

For nearly 50 years, SGI has developed an engineering business in the field of urban water supply, environment and irrigation, mainly for export but also in Europe.

Its activities range from feasibility phase to the commissioning of projects, including detailed studies, preparation of tenders, approach to financial viability, construction supervision and technical assistance to the developer.

The main areas affected by these sizeable projects are:

Drinking water supply

  • River water intake
  • Treatment plant - including the process definition
  • Water supply structures and storage
  • Distribution network
  • Wastewater and rainwater

Collection network

  • Detention reservoirs
  • Wastewater treatment station (biological, biochemical, lagoons processes)


  • Earth dams
  • Water supply structures
  • Field distribution network
  • Environment
  • Integrated wastewater reuse

Impact analysis

In parallel to traditional engineering activity, SGI was able to implement a Project Management capacity, ensuring active participation in the assembly of complex operations.

  • Drinking water
  • Wastewater and rainwater
  • Urban and environmental studies
  • River hydraulics
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Treatment and recovery of solid waste