SGI Ingénierie S.A. Luxembourg is DGNB's auditor


SGI Ingénierie S.A. Luxembourg is DGNB's auditor


DGNB member since December 2008 (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Bauen), SGI Ingénierie S.A. Luxembourg is certified "DGNB Auditor" for administrative, school and industrial buildings and for buildings with more than 6 housing units (Büro-und Verwaltungsgebäude, Bildungsbauten, Wohnungsbauten, Industriebauten).

The DGNB certification seeks a consistent and a long-term sustainable balance between the ecological, economic and socio-cultural aspects of construction projects. The benefits of this certification for the building owners are numerous:

  • Quality reference facing investors and users
  • Increase of the rental and sale potential on the property market
  • Selling point in the investor and user's professional communication documenting its commitment to sustainable development
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs

The peculiarity of DGNB is drawn to the deferred costs inherent in the life of the building, often undervalued with an approach by the construction cost alone.

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